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Indian Hounds eMail Group

The Indian Hounds eMail discussion group

The INDIAN HOUNDS eMail eGroup was created to bring together the fanciers/owners/breeders of Indian Sighthound breeds. Breeds such as Rampur Hounds, Caravan Hounds, Pashmi Hounds, Mudhol Hounds, Chippiparai Hounds, Rajapalayam Dogs, and other Indian Hounds are discussed. If you are an Indian breed fancier, owner or breeder, we would like to hear from you! Join us today .... and share with us, the exciting Sighthounds of India!

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Visit another great website, IndianHounds online Club! Please join here as well!

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caravan hound

An excellent specimen of the Caravan Hound, this female won high honours at the International AKU/FCI/KCI show in Chennai, Madras, India earlier this year.

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